Chances are that if we’re friends you know that I think about food and beer more than just about anything else. Though I’m a pretty staunch Durhamite, my wife and I do love to go eat in Chapel Hill too. Recently we were lucky enough to be introduced to The Standard. Awesome food, super cheap, [...]

Husband and wife team Tina and Ryan Essmaker formerly of Designing Monster fame launched a series of weekly interviews with inspiring creatives across many genres. If you haven’t seen The Great Discontent yet, you’re probably either living under a rock or not into things that are awesome. If that’s you, do yourself a favor and [...]

Beautiful Web Type


This is a neat little site that I ran across the other day. Chad Mazolla¬†created and designed a nice type specimen for some of what he considers to be the gems of the Google Web Fonts collection.  

Extreme Inspiration


I don’t usually get sucked into online style copying drama, but I ran across a newly launched site, with some pretty egregious borrowing patterns. Red Pepper, an ad agency out of Nashville/Atlanta launched a new site last week. On first glance, it’s beautiful. Looking closer, and knowing other leading sites, however, you’ll see IWC’s iconic [...]