About Me

Day in and day out, I design things and work to understand people.

In a past life I've worked as a recording engineer, a backcountry guide, a director of a wilderness therapy company, a ski instructor, and a crisis intervention trainer.

I'm now taking all of my previous experiences and weaving the lessons I've learned along the way into my approach to design and working with other people. Understanding and predicting how people will act is as applicable when tracking a missing person in the woods as it is when designing the user flow of a web app. I'm glad to be able to connect the dots between my formative experiences and my chosen profession.


Doing "Meaningful Work"

Working on the web affords me the opportunity to meet and interact with all kinds of people. A lesson that I learned earlier in life is that it's really important to either work with people you care about or do work that you care about. Currently I'm lucky enough to do both. Whether it's working on web interface projects with my friends at WELD or my hand selected small batch of freelance clients, I'm a happy camper. I think that you can do better work when you value the process and the outcome.

When I'm not at work

Being in the outdoors is how I recharge my batteries. I've recently had a change of heart regarding my lifelong "i hate running" policy and can now be regularly found trail running in the woods with my wife and my hound dog. I also love rock climbing, mountain biking, fly fishing, and backpacking (also driving tractors and chopping wood). I'm way into cooking and eating delicious food and drinking and brewing tasty craft beers.
Some day, my wife and I will own a farm. I'm sure of it.

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